Take the Dead Sea home

When nature and science truly love one another, it’s a thing of beauty...

Wednesday 16th May, 2018

Arial view of woman laying in the Dead Sea.

With Mineral Swim, you can take the Dead Sea home for a truly unique swimming pool experience. Read on to discover how science and nature combine for the ultimate swimming pool system. Approximately 1.2 million people visit the shores of the Dead Sea every year but did you know that it’s not actually a sea… it’s a lake! But not just any lake, it is the deepest hypersaline lake in the world, making it truly one of the most fascinating and unique places on Earth - if it’s not on your travel list, it should be!

The surface and shoreline are 423 metres below sea-level and is the lowest geographic point on Earth with a depth of 304 metres below the lake’s surface. These incredibly unique conditions exhibit high salinity and low elevation that give the Dead Sea extraordinary properties that are reported to have amazing therapeutic effects on the human body.

For thousands of years, visitors have travelled to the Dead Sea seeking its renowned healing properties. Salt levels are approximately 10 times higher than typical ocean water. Amazing natural buoyancy caused by the super-high concentration of dissolved minerals, lets you float peacefully. The wellness benefits of feeling completely weightless along with the high oxygen content, pollen-free air and high mineral levels imbue a sublime feeling of relaxation.

Dead Sea water holds the highest mineral concentration of any natural body of water on Earth, 34% to be precise. These abundant minerals promote many wellbeing benefits for the body, such as the well documented improvement of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. The high salt content acts as a natural exfoliant scrubbing away the skin’s dead cells, encouraging more youthful and rejuvenated skin.

AHAVA (the Hebrew word for love) is a highly esteemed Dead Sea expert. For nearly 30 years, AHAVA have researched this unique landscape to formulate a cutting-edge skincare range based on four key elements – Water, Salt, Mud, Plant. AHAVA has developed an innate understanding of the Dead Sea environment and the entire product range is inspired by capturing the essence of this mineral-rich destination. To date AHAVA’s research and development has created a patented extract of Dead Sea minerals known as Osmoter™ via a natural evaporation process. Osmoter enables the skin to optimise its natural cell function drawing moisture and nutrients from the deeper layers of the skin to the surface. This process rehydrates the skin making the skin appear more youthful and supple.

Now You Can Take the Dead Sea Home

It is these natural minerals and scientific research that form the heart of the Mineral Swim swimming pool system. Made up of Mineral Swim Minerals, Ozone Swim dual purification and AHAVA skincare (pre and post swim), take your swimming experience to the ultimate level with natural, health and mineral-rich pool water. 100% Made with Love – AHAVA and Mineral Swim products contain no parabens, mineral oils, petroleum and are completely vegan-friendly.

Why Mineral Swim?

Maytronics (“may” is the Hebrew word for water) has partnered with AHAVA to bring Active Dead Sea Minerals into the pools and homes of Australians. Mineral Swim is all about the water! We are committed to bringing exceptionally natural, healthy, mineral-rich pool water with just one ingredient – 100% Dead Sea Minerals. Mineral Swim will supercharge your pool into an authentic Dead Sea Experience elevating your swimming experience to the next level of bathing:

  • Enhances pool water quality
  • Environmentally friendly pool solution with exceptional water clarity
  • Helps ease muscle tension
  • Stimulates skin hydration and softens the skin
  • Recreates a natural mineral pool that people have enjoyed for centuries
  • Detoxifies and regenerates the skin, boosting it’s natural defence system