Element Synergy - Eco-swim, Eco-pool

Four essential components to achieve an eco-swim in an eco-pool.

Mineral Swim is the formation of four essential components. Together, these essential elements create a pure, natural and environmentally friendly eco-swim (eco-pool) experience for you and your family. The Mineral Swim™ System combines 100% Dead Sea minerals with natural ozone water purification, to create therapeutic, healthy and crystal clear water.

The mineral swim System

A truly unique swimming experience.

Recreate the relaxing natural, healthy pool experience that people have enjoyed for thousands of years at the Dead Sea. The Mineral Swim System is the combination of four special elements:

1/4 Pie Minerals

Mineral Swim is the new natural.

Just one ingredient – magnesium rich 100% Dead Sea minerals.

2/4 Pie Ozone

Harnessing the power of nature’s own purification.

Ozone’s natural power is up to 3000 times more powerful than traditional sanitation systems, softer on skin and a healthier option for your family.

3/4 Pie Service

Exceptional experience.

Customer care service for peace of mind and better use of your time.

4/4 Pie Skincare

Nourish and revitalise.

Complement your Mineral Swim before and after you swim with 100% natural AHAVA skin care products.

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